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How to Find Your IP Address

To start, there are internal and external IP addresses. Your internal IP address is the one that other computers can use on your local area network (LAN) to locate your machine. Your external IP address is the one that you use to contact external websites on the internet.

Internal IP Address Ranges

There three ranges for internal websites:

  • to – Class A
  • to – Class B
  • to – Class C

Internal IP addresses are always in one of these ranges. That is one way to tell if it is an internal or external IP address. Note that the first range fixes the first eight bits. The second fixes the first 12 bits. Finally, the third fixes the first 16 bits. That explains why the ranges are what they are.

To find your internal IP address, open a command prompt and type ipconfig, as shown below.

Notice that the internal IP address (IPv4), of this computer, is

External IP Address

Your external IP address can be determined by any website to which you connect.

This one will report it to you:


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