Core CSS

Units Table

CSS Units
Unit Description Specification Appearance
Absolute Lengths
cm centimeters height:1cm;
mm millimeters height:15mm;
in inches height:1in;
px pixels height:30px;
pt points (1/72 inch per point) height:30pt;
pc picas (12 points or 1/6 inch per pica) height:5pc;
Relative Lengths
em element font size height:2em;
ex letter x height height:5ex;
ch digit 0 width height:5ch;
rem The root element's font size height:5rem;
vw 1% of the viewport (browser window) width height:1vw;
vh 1% of the viewport (browser window) height height:1vh;
vmin 1% of the viewport's smaller dimension height:1vmin;
vmax 1% of the viewport's larger dimension height:1vmax;
% percentage of the parent element height:75%;

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