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My Little Army

Description: My Little Army is a game where you deploy armies on combat missions and collect gold. New soldiers can be purchased and upgraded. Strategic formations can be created to assist in missions.

My Little Army

On Main Screen:

  • Left-click the "Mission" building to select missions to go on.
  • Left-click the "Formation" building to set up army fomations to be deployed.
  • Left-click the "Shop" building to buy soldiers or weapons.
  • Left-click the "Achievement" building to see your achievements.
  • Left-click the "Help" building to get tips on gameplay.

On Missions:

  • Left-click "Pause" in the upper-left corner to pause the mission.
  • Press "a" or left-click "Unit/Spell" wheel in the lower-left corner to swap between unit and spell selections.
  • Press "q", "w", "e", or "r" or left-click units at the bottom of screen to deploy units (uses mana).
  • Press "1-7" or left-click spells at the bottom of the screen to cast spells (uses mana).
  • Left-click the double arrow at the bottom of the screen to speed up the gameplay.
  • Use right and left arrow keys or mouse over side of the screen to move the view.