Fundamentals of Physics: Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves

Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves

This lecture continues the topic of harmonic motions. Problems are introduced and solved to explore various aspects of oscillation. The second half of the lecture is an introduction to the nature and behavior of waves. Both longitudinal and transverse waves are defined and explained.

00:00 - Chapter 1. Free Vibration: Oscillation Under F=0
08:20 - Chapter 2. Initial Conditions at Start of Oscillation
18:52 - Chapter 3. Solution to Harmonic Equation under Driving Force
30:01 - Chapter 4. Properties of the Oscillating Function, Resonance
39:23 - Chapter 5. Complete Solution = Complimentary + Particular Solutions
43:40 - Chapter 6. Introduction to Longitudinal and Transverse Waves
52:55 - Chapter 7. Derive Wave Equation as Differential Equation
01:04:40 - Chapter 8. Solution to Wave Equation