Fundamentals of Physics: Torque


This lecture is a continuation of an analogue to Newton's law: t= la. While previous problems examined situations in which t is not zero, this time the focus is on extreme cases in which there is no torque at all. If there is no torque, a is zero and the angular velocity is constant. The lecture starts with a simple example of a seesaw and moves on to discuss a collection of objects that are somehow subject to a variety of forces but remain in static equilibrium.

00:00 - Chapter 1. Static Equilibrium — Case of Zero-torque, Zero-angular Velocity
03:47 - Chapter 2. The Seesaw Example
12:02 - Chapter 3. The Case of a Rod Supported by Pivot on a Wall
21:04 - Chapter 4. The Case of a Rod Supported by a Wire
29:08 - Chapter 5. The Case of the Leaning Ladder
40:05 - Chapter 6. Rigid Body Dynamics in 3D
01:04:46 - Chapter 7. The Case of a Gyroscope