Fundamentals of Physics 2: Quantum Mechanics 7: Postulates

Quantum Mechanics 7: Postulates

The various postulates of quantum mechanics treated in previous lectures are reviewed and summarized. The uncertainty principle is again discussed and a new one between energy and time is introduced. The quantum mechanical behavior of an electron in a hydrogen atom is described. The principles of quantum mechanics are then generalized to describe two or more quantum particles. It is shown that identical particles have to be bosons or fermions, the latter obeying the Pauli exclusion principle, which in turn is key to explaining the periodic table.

00:00 - Chapter 1. Major Postulates of Quantum Mechanics
20:31 - Chapter 2. Applications of Quantum Mechanics
28:00 - Chapter 3. Energy-time uncertainty principle
41:21 - Chapter 4. Quantum Mechanics of more than one particle