Puzzles & Tricks: U.S. Flag Afterimage

U.S. Flag Afterimage

This video creates an optical illusion of an American flag using the afterimage effect. After staring at the flag for a short time, the eye adapts and becomes less sensitive to the colors in the image. So, looking at a white image creates the impression of a red, white, and blue flag.

To make the effect more pronounced, pause the video on the flag image. You can pause the video by clicking the screen or the pause button in the lower left of the video player.

To clear the screen, mouse over it and then off of it.

After mousing over the screen and then moving the cursor off, it should look like this:

You can enhance the effect by increasing the size of the screen. To do that, click the "Maximize Video" button in the lower right, next to the volume button.

You can return the video to normal size by putting the cursor over the bottom of the video and clicking the same button, now labeled "Return to Default Size."