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Description: Step into the shoes of a genuine Word Detective in this arresting new word puzzler! Solve the Mystery Words with the help of colour coded clues. The less time you take, the more points you�ll make! As the game progresses, the words get longer and the time gets shorter. Can you deduce your way through all 15 levels and earn the coveted title of Word Sherlock? Will you be the one to beat on the International Master Detectives Hall of Fame? Either way, a splendid time is guaranteed for all!



  • Use the mouse or keyboard to input letters.
  • Press the "enter" key or left-click the submit button to submit a word.
  • Press the "space" key or left-click the shuffle button to shuffle the letters.
  • Press the "back space" key to remove a single letter.
  • Left-click a letter in the input area to remove it and all of the letters following it.