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Warzone Tower Defense

Description: Warzone Tower Defense is one of the best tower defense games. Place towers to defend against on-coming assaults of enemy units. Some towers target ground units, some target air units, and some target both. So, choose carefully to ensure a solid defense. Add walls to block paths and impede enemy units. Use weapons, like a bomb or a nuke, to damage enemies or an EMP to slow them down.

Warzone Tower Defense


  • Left-click a tower, wall or weapon at the bottom of the screen to select it.
  • Left-click the map with a selected item to buy and place the selected item or fire the selected weapon.
  • Left-click a tower on the map and left-click near the bottom of the screen to upgrade or sell it.
  • Left-click the "MENU/PAUSE" button in the lower-right corner to pause the game.
  • Left-click the "SEND NOW" button in the lower-right corner to send the next wave.