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Them Coconuts

Description: Them Coconuts is a medieval castle siege game where you defend a castle from an onslaught of enemies. To play, you stand at the top of the castle wall and shoot down at enemies that come to attack the castle. When the enemies reach the castle, they damage it until they are killed. The red bar inside the castle indicates how strong the castle is. When the red bar goes completely white, the castle is destroyed and the game is over. The blue bar behind the red bar indicates the arrival of the king. When the blue bar is full, the king arrives and rides past in the background. While the king is there, your weapon does double damage.

Them Coconuts


  • Mouse: Aim weapon.
  • Left Mouse Button: Shoot.
  • 0-9 or left-click icons at the top: Change weapons.
  • Space or click market icon at the bottom: Pause and purchase upgrades.