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The Great War

Description: The Great War is a World War I real-time simulation game; easy to play with well-defined troop types. It's the final stages of World War I; victory is in sight, but there are still battles to be fought and won. As part of the allied war effort, it is your task to protect selected bases, wipe out remaining German forces and bring an end to this war.

The Great War


  • Use the arrow keys to move around the map.
  • Left-click and and hold to select multiple troops. Then left-click to move your troops.
  • Troops will attack automatically. But, if you want to attack a specific enemy, hover over the enemy until a red crosshair appears, then Left-click.
  • To make more troops, Left-click one of the unit-type buttons at bottom right. You can make ground troops, tanks, airplanes, and forts.
  • To make airplanes, first click the airplane unit-type button and place the air strip down. Then left-click the airplane unit-type button again to create an airplane.
  • Left-click the "Menu" button to Pause or change settings.
  • If a building gets injured, left-click the building, then left-click the "Repair" button.
  • Left-click the "Castle" button to be taken back to your base.
  • Left-click "Map" to see the entire map for the mission.