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Description: Terracom has a problem. Experimental war-droids built using ancient alien bio-technology have gotten out of hand, now Terracom's secret underground labs have been overrun by hostile machines. There is a solution: Developed by a rival Terracom military-products department, the Terramek is a state-of-the-art turreted bipedal war machine with interchangable weapon systems.



  • Kill everything on all 8 levels. Collect treasure dropped by dying enemies. Destroy crates for more treasure and sometimes powerups:
    • Yellow - Nuke
    • Blue - Weapon Coolant
    • Purple - Shield
    • Red - Medic
    Find exit doors located at the edges of the level map, (indicated by arrow tiles on the floor), to leave the level and buy upgrades in the shop. Avoid overheating guns (watch temperature bars in bottom left corner).
  • Aim with the mouse.
  • Left-click to fire.
  • Use "w", "a", "s", and "d" to move.
  • Use "q" and "e" to select the next or previous primary weapon.
  • Use "z" and "c" to select the next or previous secondary weapon.
  • Press "x" for shield.
  • Press the space bar to use a nuke.
  • Press "f" for pause and map.