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Steam of War

Description: Steam of War is a modern-age real-time strategy game of military conquest. Select territories on the main to conquer, and deploy units to attack the enemy base and secure the territory. Some conquered territories will allow new units to be built. The minimap in the lower-left corner gives an overview of the entire territory.

Steam of War


  • Left-click a unit to select it.
  • Left-click and drag a rectangle around multiple unit to zelct them (up to five at a time).
  • Left-click the map to move a selected unit.
  • Left-click an enemy unit to set selected unit to attack it.
  • Left-click unit types in the lewer-right corner to buy new units.
  • Move the cursor to the edge of the screen to move the view. Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys to move the view or press space, left-click, and drag with the mouse.