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Quest for Power 2

Description: Quest for Power 2 is an action game where you try to conquer all of England. Help King Arthur defeat the evil kings and queens!

Quest for Power 2


  • Use the up and down arrow keys to aim the cannon.
  • Use the "a", "s", and "d" keys or the left and right arrow keys to scroll the view. Alternatively, left-click the arrow bars that appear when you hover at either edge of the screen.
  • Press the "space" bar to fire the cannon.
  • Left-click troops, fortifications, or spell icons at the bottom of the screen to purchase these items. Left-click the area to the left of the yellow flag to place ranged troops or fortifications.
  • Left-click the "1x", "2x", "3x", or "4x" button at the top of the screen to change the zoom.
  • Left-click the "Q", "S", "M", and "P" buttons in the lower-right corner to quit, toggle the sound, toggle the music, or toggle the pause respectively.