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Iron Overlord

Description: This is a story about a land full of swords and magic. As the successor of Griffin`s Empire, the only daughter of the king leads the troops to eliminate bandits. The war is continuous, the empire army rebels, and evil orcs invade. Who is behind this? Where is the precarious Griffin`s Empire going?

Iron Overlord


  • Use the mouse to place and upgrade units.
  • Press "1" to cast lightning technique.
  • Press "2" to cast gift of light.
  • Press "3" to cast elf queen.
  • Press "q" to build a barracks.
  • Press "w" to build a church.
  • Press "e" to build a blacksmith's shop.
  • Press "r" to build a tavern.
  • Press "a" to train a miner.
  • Press "s" to train a soldier.
  • Press "d" to train an archer.
  • Press "f" to train a magician.
  • Press "z" to train a priest.
  • Press "x" to train a knight.
  • Press "c" to train a gryphon rider.
  • Press "v" to train a saint light guardian.