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Description: The land of Fairosel has been laid to waste and the 7 thrones of the kingdom are under siege. The Ring of Warlocks has continued to pillage the countryside as their insidious leader readies himself for the final death blow. Yet out of a humble province of no repute comes a simple ditch digger who is called to save the day. With his uncanny strength and unrelenting bravery, you can join our hero, Arimose the Brave, on his frightening journey through the dark lands of the notorious White Warlock.



  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Press "space" to attack.
  • Press "m" to toggle the map.
  • Press "t" to toggle the graphics quality.
  • Press "t" to toggle the music.
  • Press "p" to toggle the game pause.
  • Press "b" to toggle the help bar.
  • Press "q" to quit.