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Gemcraft Labyrinth

Description: GemCraft Labyrinth is a tower defense game where you place gems inside of towers to bestow a certain type of power upon them. Upgrade skills and gain powers as you fight through a maze of increasingly challenging battles.

Gemcraft Labyrinth


  • Use the mouse and left-click to build structures and place gems. Alternatively, you can use key controls.
  • Press "a" to build an amplifier.
  • Press "b" to throw a gem bomb.
  • Press "d" to duplicate a gem.
  • Press "g" to combine gems.
  • Press "space" to freeze or unfreeze time.
  • Press "i" to enable or disable the information panels.
  • Press "m" to extend the mana pool.
  • Press "n" to send a wave instantly.
  • Press "q" to switch the game between 1x and 3x running speed.
  • Press "p" or "esc" to go to the options screen.
  • Press "t" to build a tower.
  • Press "w" to build a wall.
  • Press "x" to refund mana from a gem.
  • Press "u" to upgrade a gem (duplicate and combine).