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Dungeons of Sordorath

Description: Dungeons of Sordorath is a 3D role-playing game with a retro-style, first-person perspective. Be sure to always keep a torch lit so that you can see and fight monsters. Be sure to equip a weapon! Save rings to use against wizards, since they can only be hit with magic; each ring has three charges.

Dungeons of Sordorath


  • Press "w" and "s" to move forward or backward.
  • Press "a" and "d" to turn left or right.
  • Press "z" to use the item in your left hand.
  • Press "b" to use the item in your belt.
  • Press "v" to use the item in your right hand.
  • Press "x" to pick up items.
  • Press "c" to climb down pits.
  • Press "i" to open your inventory and pause the game.
  • To light a torch, open your inventory, left-click a torch and left-click "Hold Left Hand," "Place in Belt" or "Hold Right Hand."
  • Once the torch is equipped, press "i" to leave your inventory. Then press the key of the hand or belt it's equipped in to light your torch.