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Cursed Treasure Level Pack

Description: Cursed Treasure Level Pack is an addition to Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!, a tower defense game, where you try to prevent enemies from stealing your gems. Towers can be placed based on the type of terrain, and earn experience by shooting enemies. As towers gain experience, they can be upgraded. Additionally, special terrain effects give towers special abilities, such as longer range or mana generation. Killing enemies generates money. which can be used to buy and upgrade towers. Mana is also generated, which can be used to cast spells.

Cursed Treasure Level Pack


  • Left-click a tower in the lower-right corner to select it.
  • Left-click the map with an item selected to buy and place a tower or cast a spell.
  • Left-click the "ATTACK" button to send the next wave.
  • Left-click the double arrow button to speed up the gameplay.
  • Left-click a tower to upgrade it, once it gains enough experience and says "up."