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Beggars Marry Wives

Description: There are two poor beggars: one is tall, one is short. One day, they hear of a forest far away, and an elf who lives there. The elf has built an empire where many dangerous plants and animals live, and legend tells of untold fortune there as well. The beggars' task is to find the empire and its fortune, and to become rich enough to marry beauitful women! Good luck —

Beggars Marry Wives


  • Use "w", "a", "s", and "d" to move the tall beggar.
  • Use the arrow keys to move the short beggar.
  • Press "space" to pick up or drop a stone with the tall beggar.
  • Crouch with the tall beggar. Then the short beggar can jump on top of him to help him reach higher places.
  • Jump on top of enemies to eliminate them.