Pope Benedict XVI: Faith Strengthens Marriage

Faith Strengthens Marriage

Benedict XVI met with the members of the Tribunal of the Roman Rota, the highest appellate court for the Catholic Church. During his speech, he addressed the Year of Faith by talking about the relationship between faith and marriage. The Pope explained that the strength of a family is very closely tied to faith.


"The current crisis of faith that affects various areas of the world, bearing with it a crisis of conjugal society, with all the suffering and discomfort that this bring upon the children."

The Pope explained that the lack of faith does not prevent a marriage from becoming valid, because the Church only requires that the union between husband and wife meets the traits of a "natural marriage." Those traits are that it lasts for a lifetime, that it be open to life, and that they the good in each other.

However, he also talked about the risks of having those traits of natural marriage severed by what he described as the moral and religious relativism in modern society.